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Africanized Killer Bees

Africanized Bees live all over Arizona, including the Phoenix Valley!

Africanized bees in Arizona swarm frequently to build new colonies, and build hives in unique places. Hives have been found built in places like: trash cans, tires, crates, boxes, empty cars, underground, trees, etc.

Africanized honeybees defend their colony by attacking when they’re threatened… And they’re easily provoked!

Africanized Bee Threats

Africanized honeybees are provoked to attack by loud noises, vibrations, and movement within 50-150 feet of their colony. Common lawnmowers and other power tools have provoked many Africanized honeybee attacks. Once these bees start attacking, they’ll pursue victims for over 500 feet from the colony!

The threat of Africanized Bees is NOT their venom… In fact, it’s no different than regular honeybee venom. The real threat of Africanized Bees is their aggressive nature when attacking. Africanized bees pose extreme danger to humans because they attack in such great numbers! IF you’re chased by Africanized bees (or any bees), run in a zig-zag pattern & get into a house or car ASAP!

Africanized honeybees are NOT easy to distinguish from regular honeybees. Unless you’re a scientist, most people can’t tell the difference between Africanized Bees and honeybees, and in Arizona, they’re all inner bred anyways. Because of the very AGGRESSIVE nature of Africanized bees, please DO NOT try to remove/treat ANY Bee problem on your own! If you have a Bee problem, call The BeeMan for LIVE bee hive removal in Phoenix and surround valley areas.

Identify Africanized Bees

Africanized bees are golden/yellow in color with darker bands of brown, 6 legs, 1/2 inch long, and have antennae. The only way to tell an Africanized bee from a regular honeybee, physically, is to measure their wings. Africanized bees have different wing measurements than regular honeybees.