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Effective Scorpion and Pest Control - Friendly to Family and Pets. Guaranteed in Greater Mesa, Phoenix, and Tuscon Arizona.

Responsible Pest Control in Mesa Arizona delivers effective scorpion and pest control services with responsible methods for the safety of family and pets. Providing guaranteed pest control at affordable prices using premium products, responsible applications, and education! We'll answer your questions, give courtesy calls, wear booties inside, sweep spider webs, perform termite Inspections, and pay attention to details!

Scorpion Control

Control scorpions with specialized pest control products & applications guaranteed to kill scorpions in Phoenix Valley areas.

Responsible Pest Control specializes in scorpion pest control with customized treatments and product applications proven most effective at killing scorpions themselves (not just the bugs they eat.) Delivering the most effective scorpion control in Mesa and Phoenix Valley areas.

Scorpions are always on our radar because, Arizona Bark Scorpions are the most venomous scorpion in the USA, and a common pest throughout the Phoenix AZ Valley.

Control & prevent scorpions with the experts at Responsible Pest Control!

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Scorpion Control
If you ever have a bug invasion between regular services, just give us a jingle and consider it done! We'll get you on the schedule for a re-treat right away, at no cost to you!

We were told by other pest control companies that scorpions are difficult to impossible to get rid of. In just a few treatments, we were free of scorpions! And all other pests for that matter.
- Paulette. P in Gilbert AZ

Four Steps for Providing Effective Pest Control

  1. Prevention

    Our first priority is always to prevent a pest problem as fast as we can.

  2. Inspection

    Before we break out our spray, we carefully inspect the surroundings so we can eliminate every last pest.

  3. Identification

    We pride ourselves in monitoring and identifying pests correctly, the first time around.

  4. Customized Treatments and Solutions

    After we remove the pests, we continue to maintain an active barrier to prevent them from future pest infestations.

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Scorpion Control

What Our Customers Are Saying


They were very friendly and very prompt. When they say they will arrive within a certain time range, they show up earlier than later. Also, I love the product; it’s not messy and it does a good job. I think we got a good deal and it was affordable. Stephanie M. Gilbert , AZ


My husband and myself signed with Responsible while our parents signed up with a competitor and hands down responsible has been the leader in customer service, response to calls, quality and we have gotten the best bang for our buck! Marie S. SanTan Valley, AZ


We have our personal residence and 3 rentals. They service all and we are totally pleased. We have also recommended them to friends and neighbors and everyone thinks they do a great job. James G. Gilbert , AZ

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