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Service Plans

We’re here to kill bugs…not your budget!

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Initial “Flush-Out” Service

The first time we treat a property we always do a “flush-out”. Flush-outs eliminate all pests including scorpions, spiders, crickets, earwigs, beetles, most roaches, ants, and other pests inside your home. At the same time, we perform a Pest Control flush-out for your: garage, exterior perimeter, entry points, yard & fence. This service eliminates pests ALREADY in your home and yard. Flush-outs take about an hour, and pricing depends upon the size of your space.

Bi-monthly Pest Control Services

Residents without scorpion infestations prefer a bi-monthly service (every other month). Bi-monthly service is a heavier treatment and is guaranteed, but potency does weaken. When it’s time for your next service, you could notice a few bugs. ALL homes that keep up regular service are ALWAYS GUARANTEED.

  • Pest control with service every other month

Quarterly Pest Control Services

Quarterly services are recommended for those who just want to PREVENT pest problems. A quarterly service is commonly preferred by Phoenix Valley homeowners who only want their property treated every three months.

  • Pest control with service every 3 months
  • For customers without scorpion problems

One-Time Pest Control Services

Scorpion or pest control is a process, not a one-time event. But if you’re moving or have other circumstances that require only one “flush-out,” we do offer a one-time pest control service.

  • Guaranteed for 30 days

During each service, Responsible’s expert technicians:

✔ Deliver family- & pet-friendly treatments. 
✔ Deliver 100% guaranteed control. 
✔ Answer your questions. 
✔ Give courtesy calls/texts a day or two before service. 
✔ Wear booties inside your home. 
✔ De-web where spiders have made a home.
✔ Schedule FREE termite inspections upon request. 
✔ Pay attention to details of your property. 
✔ Re-treat for FREE if you ever get an invasion between services!