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Bed Bug (Cimex Lectularius)

Treatments for this pest are included in these services:

One of the worst pests that Arizona residents and business owners have to deal with is bed bugs. Though these bloodsucking invaders can’t spread disease, they’re difficult to get rid of and cause frustrating bites. Plus, they can quickly tarnish the reputations of hotels, apartments, and other places of business. 

Considering their resistance to many pesticides and ability to reproduce rapidly, it’s critical to eliminate bed bugs as soon as possible. If you’ve found yourself with a bed bug infestation, educate yourself on these insects below, or get your quote for bed bug control from Responsible Pest & Scorpion Control today.

How to Identify Bed Bugs

It may be easy to spot ants, spiders, or scorpions creeping into your space, but bed bugs are another story. These reddish-brown pests are tiny—barely the size of apple seeds. When they’re unfed, they are relatively flat and round. Once they’ve enjoyed a meal, however, their bodies swell and take on an elongated oval shape.

Bed bugs enter buildings through cracks, holes, and even electrical outlets. When they’ve made it indoors, they tend to hide on the underside of mattresses, furniture, and other dry, dark areas until it’s time to feed.

You might be tempted to search for bed bugs on your own, but it’s almost impossible to differentiate them from specks of dirt or fuzz without a trained eye. If you suspect you’ve got bed bugs, call Responsible Pest & Scorpion Control as soon as possible.

Problems Posed by Bed Bugs

Bed bugs do not spread any diseases, but they can bite multiple times at once, leaving red itchy marks. Scratching bed bug bite sites can lead to even more irritated, infected skin. In addition, dealing with a bed bug infestation can harm your mental health due to anxiety and paranoia.

The presence of bed bugs in hotels, apartments, and other establishments can also destroy reputations, causing business owners to shutter their doors for treatment, at best, or for good, at worst. The sooner you contact pest control service specialists to start resolving your pest problem, the better.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs 

It’s difficult to prevent a bed bug infestation without professional help, but there are several things you can do to minimize your chances of getting these pests. If you enjoy thrifting, be sure to examine any secondhand furniture or clothes for bed bugs before bringing them home. Remember to wash thrifted clothing in hot water and dry them on your dryer’s highest setting to kill any bed bugs. Additionally, consider buying a bed bug mattress cover for your bed.

Bed Bug Control Solutions in Phoenix, Mesa, and Tucson

Whether you run a hotel in Glendale or you’re a lifelong Chandler resident, homes and commercial spaces of all sizes throughout the Phoenix and Tucson area are at risk of a bed bug infestation. With Responsible Pest & Scorpion Control, you can rest assured we’ll eliminate bed bugs. Our bed bug control process features an initial treatment and cleaning, followed by additional inspections and services to ensure bed bugs are gone. Along with being effective, our treatments are pet- and family-friendly.

Banish Bed Bugs with Responsible Pest & Scorpion Control

With more than 30 years of experience in eliminating bed bugs from Phoenix homes and businesses, you can trust Responsible Pest & Scorpion Control to safeguard your living space or workplace from these blood-sucking pests. Put your bed bug problem to rest and request a quote from Responsible Pest Control today!