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Wasp (Vespula germanica)

Treatments for this pest are included in these services:

Wasps in Arizona

Fact: Wasps venom is a pheromone that actually makes other wasps close by to become more aggressive!

IMPORTANT: Before doing yard work check trees and bushes for wasp nests, and treat or remove them BEFORE doing landscaping.

Most people are scared of wasps because their “sting” (actually a bite) really hurt! Wasp bites can also cause allergic reactions in sensitive people. Paper wasps aren’t usually aggressive unless they’re protecting their nest. The problem is, we usually don’t see them or their nests until it is too late!

Paper wasps hang nests in protected areas including:

  • Branches of trees or bushes
  • Porch ceilings and eves
  • Window or door frames
  • Under Soffits
  • Attic rafters
  • Under deck floors
  • Railings

Paper wasps collect cellulose from unpainted wood fences, decks, railings, etc. to build paper like nests with. You can prevent paper wasps from gathering cellulose around your home by treating exterior wood with an Insecticidal Soap or a wood sealer.

If You Are Stung by a Wasp

The pain from Wasp stings (bites) usually wears off within 24 hours (allergic people may have more serious reaction.) There are a few things you can rub onto a wasp sting or bite to help reduce swelling and irritation, including:

  • Aluminum based deodorant
  • Paste of baking soda and water
  • Toothpaste