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Finding a snake in the house can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Not only are snakes frightening, but they can also be downright dangerous. Tuscon’s desert climate, while great for outdoor activities, is also the perfect home for snakes of many species. While many snakes are harmless, certain venomous species pose a threat to your family and pets. Even non-venomous snakes can be a real nuisance if they find their way into your home. 

Luckily, Responsible Pest & Scorpion Control offers effective snake control and pest control in Tucson. We have 30 years of experience providing effective pest control in Arizona across many service areas. At Responsible Pest & Scorpion Control, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We want to help you eliminate the snakes in your home, so if you notice a reinfestation, we’ll return and apply re-treatments free of charge!

What Attracts Snakes in Tucson, AZ?

A snake slither through the grass

Similar to other pests, snakes enter the home seeking food, water, and shelter. They can hide under foliage and shrubbery around your front or back yard and make their way in through windows, cracks under doors, exposed gaps in brick, or in plants. Snakes don’t need much space to get in, and many experts estimate that a snake can get into the home through a hole the size of a pencil.

How to Prevent Snakes in Tucson, AZ

Things you can do to prevent a snake infestation include trimming dense shrubbery or foliage around the house, keeping grass short, and sealing visible cracks in your walls or foundation. Eliminate potential hiding spots for snakes in the yard such as piles of firewood, bundles of trash, and other debris. In a desert environment like Tucson, preventing snakes from entering the home can be a major undertaking without the help of professional pest control. Despite your best efforts, you can still end up with a snake problem. Contact the service specialists at Responsible Pest & Scorpion Control for the snake prevention you need. 

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Tucson, AZ, Snake Control Services

When you find a snake in your home, trying to handle its removal on your own is unsafe, especially if you’re unsure which species of snake you have on your hands. Instead of undergoing the challenge alone, call Responsible Pest Control for snake control services in Tucson.

We utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM) services to get rid of unwanted visitors once and for all. Our pest experts will inspect the property, treat the infestation at the source, and employ preventive measures to avert future infestations. 


Get Snake Control in Tucson, AZ

Responsible Pest & Scorpion Control is your destination for residential pest control and commercial pest control in Tucson. We’ll help you take back your home or office when snakes have taken over.

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