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Integrated Pest Management

We have 29+ years of Integrated Pest Management practices under our belts for greener, cleaner scorpion and pest control.

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Pest Control with Integrated Pest Management

Using Responsible Pest Control methods, or IPM, does NOT depend totally on pest control products to do all the work. We’re always look for contributing conditions, and try to get these remedied as part of our pest control effort.

There is no ONE product that is a cure all for every pest control targeted pest. Responsible Pest Control uses MANY different products and application methods depending on targeted pests and the area being treated.

Responsible Pest Control, or IPM, is an environmentally sensitive approach to Pest Control and Exterminating in Tucson and Greater Phoenix, AZ. With a this approach, we combined common sense solutions with Responsible Pest Control methods to manage pests in ways that pose very little risk to family and pets.

  • Prevention – Our first priority is to prevent pests from becoming a problem. This may include common sense solutions like: cleaning up debris, fixing watering systems, or screening house vents. Your tech may suggest ways you can cut down on pest resources around your home to help prevent pests from becoming a problem.
  • Inspection for Pests and Conducive Conditions
  • Identification of Pests or Signs of them – Pest Management works to monitor pests and identify them to make correct Pest Control decisions. Monitoring and identification insures that products are only used when needed and that we use the correct product for the target pests.
  • Customized Solutions – Solutions can include sealing cracks and crevices around your home, adding a new door sweep, repairing sprinklers or watering less, etc.
  • Customized Treatment – Before we use pest control methods, we make sure that conditions indicate action needs to be taken. For example, if you had a treatment a week or two ago, seeing a single pest doesn’t always mean pest control is needed.

Common Contributing Conditions Include:

Food Sources

Food sources can include other pests and crumbs, spills, pet foods, trash, and other food sources.

Moisture Sources

ALL pests need moisture to THRIVE and BREED. Common sources include air conditioner condensation lines, leaky plumbing pipes, sprinkler systems, etc.

Entry Points

Pests can enter buildings through the tiniest holes. Most construction is not perfect, and pests gain entry through weep holes, concrete cracks, roofing gaps, and other holes as tiny as 1/16th of an inch.

Harboring Areas

Harboring areas include any cracks and crevices that can provide shelter including: block wall fence cracks, concrete expansion joints, broken tiles, under eves, around the perimeter of homes under weep areas, unused drains, etc.

At Responsible Pest Control, we implement IPM ideals in the application techniques of premium products.

Treating areas where products are going to be the MOST EFFECTIVE, and come in direct contact with targeted pests including:

  1. Cracks & Crevices
  2. Interior and Exterior Perimeters
  3. Under first story EVES.
  4. Behind Pool and Kitchen Equipment
  5. Around landscaping, structures, and large rocks, etc.

There are several Pest Control companies that have the word “Green” in the company name, suggesting to the consumer that they only use natural products. But this can be misleading, so make sure you ask them! Most people think the ”Green” is the products used.

Some think 100% natural & organic products can cause no harm to anything unintended. Unfortunately, the truth is that these products are not usually effective. Some natural and organic products will kill unintended plants and organisms and can cause allergic reactions in people too. These would be plant-derived oils like: Clove, Mint, Garlic, Rosemary, etc.