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Cockroaches in Arizona

Identification is always the FIRST step in Pest Control for Roaches. Correct roach identification determines how effective control will be! That’s because each roach species reproduces at its own rate (some faster than others), and they also like to infest different areas.

With the rise of global commerce, a number of invasive roach species have taken up residence in the Phoenix valley and surrounding areas. There are four varieties seen most commonly, with names that supposedly reflect their country of origin. There’s the American cockroach, which was brought from central Africa throughout the colonial era, the oriental cockroach, which originated from somewhere around the Mediterranean Sea, the Turkestan cockroach, which is thought to have hitched a ride from troops returning from the Middle East, and the German cockroach, which is now thought to have originated in Southeast Asia.

The first three are what we might call “outdoor roaches,” larger roaches (1 inch or larger in length) that occasionally wander in from outside and can be controlled with regular pest control. We can control them along with other general pests such as spiders, crickets, roaches, and so forth. The German cockroach is the iconic “indoor roach,” a smaller roach (5/8 inch or smaller) that lives exclusively inside and requires a very specific type of treatment in order to control. Ironically, it’s the little guys that you need to be worried about the most, as they can reproduce incredibly fast and are resistant or even immune to many of the products used in conventional pest control.

For this very reason, proper identification is absolutely essential. Failure to identify the presence of German cockroaches may result in the use of products that do little or nothing to eliminate them. This is due in part to their incredibly high rate of metabolism, which allows regular pesticides to work through their system with no lasting side-effects. This, along with their unusually fast life-cycle, which allows the population to quickly rebound from even just a few individuals, makes them one of the most challenging pests to control.

How to Eliminate Roaches

Ongoing Roach Pest Control services inspect at each service, monitor for any roaches activity that may be re-introduced, and apply preventive pest control measures.

Good Sanitation is KEY to effective roach control! Keeping things wiped up and clean, in good repair, makes all the difference in Roach Control. We work with you to reduce: harboring areas, food sources, and moisture that roaches need to thrive.

  • Eliminate Food Sources
  • Eliminate Water Sources
  • Eliminate Roaches Harborage Areas
  • Prevent Cockroach Entry