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Responsible Pest Control uses advanced product applications with common sense solutions to quickly resolve & prevent Hotel Termite & Pest Control problems without disrupting business!

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Protect your investment!

Pests may be small, but they affect your bottom line in a BIG way by posing serious health or safety risks to employees & customers. Responsible’s Hotel Pest Management is an important part of providing outstanding customer service!

  • Hotel and Resort Restaurants – Focusing on EFFECTIVE German Cockroach and Pest Control solutions proven to protect the food you serve, and your reputation!
  • Hotel, Resort & Hospitality Pest Control Services – Running a Hotel is NOT an easy task… Don’t let Bed Bugs and Pests make it more difficult. Responsible Pest Control delivers CUSTOMIZED solutions to put Bed Bugs, and other pests, to REST inside and OUTSIDE your Hotel!

COMPREHENSIVE Protection from pests, including:

General Pests

Providing GUARANTEED Pest Control services that eliminate ALL general desert pest problems from the outside… BEFORE they enter your business! Including Roaches, Ants, Crickets, Spiders, Scoprions, Ticks, Beetles, Earwigs, Mites, and More.


Rats are a common problem in the Phoenix Valley effecting Hotels and homeowners alike. Roof Rats THRIVE on citrus fruit and trash. These rats often find Hotels attractive because of food sources. We’ll search out entry points, seal them up , and KEEP rats OUT!

German Roaches

German roaches reproduce FAST, so what may seem like 1 single roach today turns into a HUGE infestation and health threat almost OVER NIGHT! Responsible Pest Control delivers SPECIALIZED German Roach Control that’s GUARANTEED throughout the Greater Phoenix Valley.


No Hotel in the entire Phoenix Valley is exempt from the threat of scorpions. REST ASSURED Responsible Pest Control ELIMINATES scorpions around your building , and KEEPS them away with regular MONTHLY Scorpion Pest Control Services.


Subterranean Termites live underground and come up to FEAST on wood products Hotels in Phoenix are built with… Termite damage can completely collapse a building if left untreated over a period of time. Responsible Pest Control offers Termite Inspections and GUARANTEED Termite Control treatments throughout the ENTIRE Phoenix Valley.

Bed Bugs

Ahhh…. The “B” word. Bed bugs can plague Hotels and Resorts, but Responsible Pest Control quickly RESOLVES and PREVENTS Bed bug infestations!



  • A service specialist performs an assessment of your building.
  • We treat cracks and crevices around the structure where insects may be living.
  • We’ll help you choose a regular, ongoing pest control plan for your business.
  • If pests return, so do we—guaranteed.
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