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Beetles (Coleoptera)

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Beetles in Arizona

Arizona is home to a wide variety of dangerous and nuisance pests alike, whether it’s black widow spiders in your garage or scorpions scuttling around your bathroom. Not all Arizona pests pose a serious threat to your home or business, though. Some are simply frustrating to deal with, such as the range of beetles found throughout the Grand Canyon State. 

From bumbling Palo Verde beetles to tiny carpet beetles, there are plenty of beetle species ready to invite themselves into your property. Discover the common types of beetles you’ll find in Arizona—and how Responsible Pest & Scorpion Control can eliminate them.

Types of Beetles in Arizona 

There are more than 100 species of beetles that call Arizona their home. Although they may feed on plants, other insects, or even furniture and textiles in your home, they’re considered more of a nuisance than a threat. Unlike disease-carrying cockroaches or property-damage termites, beetles can actually be beneficial creatures to have around your property. 

Some beetles, such as ladybugs, feed on aphids and other pests that damage plants. Others serve as food sources for roadrunners, owls, and even coyotes. Not sure if the kind of beetle you’re dealing with is more of a friend or foe? Find out more below, or contact Responsible Pest & Scorpion Control’s specialists today.  

Palo Verde Beetle

Palo Verde beetles are some of the most alarming Arizona beetle species to encounter. These black or brown beetles resemble large cockroaches and clumsily fly around Arizona every summer. 

They lay their eggs in the soil near plant life, allowing their larvae to feed on and damage the roots of shrubs, cacti, and Palo Verde trees. While they do use their jaws to pinch in self-defense, Palo Verde beetles are not dangerous to people.

Carpet Beetle

They might be tiny, but carpet beetles can become a huge pain for Arizona residents and business owners. Measuring only 1 to 4 millimeters in length, they easily sneak into your space to lay their eggs. Once they hatch, carpet beetle larvae feed on carpets, clothing, and even fur. 

The three carpet beetle species of Arizona include:

  • Varied carpet beetle
  • Black carpet beetle
  • Furniture carpet beetle

If you are encountering carpet beetles at home, Responsible Pest & Scorpion Control’s service specialists can do a walk-through of your home to help point out problem areas attracting these pests. However, prevention is key when it comes to carpet beetles in Arizona.

Keep carpet beetles from growing into an infestation with the following prevention tips:

  • Clean fabrics (including pet bedding) and vaccum carpet thoroughly and regularly
  • Seal cracks and crevices around your home.
  • Place glue traps in problem areas.

Cactus Longhorn Beetle

Similar to the Palo Verde beetle, the cactus longhorn beetle is a large black beetle that feeds on and damages various Arizona cactus species, including cholla, saguaro, and prickly pear cacti. Unlike Palo Verde beetles, however, cactus longhorn beetles cannot fly. These harmless pests are easily confused for noxious stink beetles. 

Elm Leaf Beetle

Elm leaf beetles may not be as large as some of their distant relatives, but they can cause serious damage to elm trees. Measuring 13 millimeters in length, these yellow-green, striped beetles tend to be outdoor pests but wander into garages, basements, and attics during the winter.

Iron Cross Blister Beetle

The iron cross blister beetle has a red-colored head and bears a black, cross-like mark on its bright-yellow back. It secretes a chemical from its legs and antennae that creates blisters. Iron cross blister beetles typically infest fields to feed on alfalfa, potatoes, and other crops, but they may wander into your house if you don’t take preventative measures.

Banish Beetles with Responsible Pest Control

Instead of spending your time battling beetles, eliminate them with Responsible Pest & Scorpion Control’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions. After our team has inspected your home or business for beetles, we’ll offer a customized treatment plan designed to control and prevent infestations. Additionally, if you discover beetles after our services, we’ll come back free of charge.

Take your Phoenix metropolitan area property back from beetles with Responsible Pest & Scorpion Control. Get your instant quote today!