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Cricket (Grylloidea)

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Crickets in Arizona

Crickets are commonly associated with summer, but when the weather gets cooler and crickets begin to make their way inside, they become more of a nuisance. A cricket’s nocturnal chirping often keeps homeowners awake at all hours of the night and will occasionally feast on fabrics. But crickets can lead to bigger problems, as their presence inside can attract black widow spiders and scorpions that primarily feast on crickets.

Identifying Crickets in Your Home

Crickets are nocturnal insects and easily identified in the home when homeowners complain of being kept up by their nighttime chirping. These insects also love moisture and are commonly found in basements, crawlspaces, and laundry rooms. Another telltale sign of a cricket invasion is the evidence of their sandy-looking excrement around the home, which might also be mistaken for termites. 

Prevent Crickets in Your Arizona Home

To prevent crickets from invading your home, be sure to seal any cracks or openings where crickets could enter. Some access points these chirping pests may use are windows, doors, and cracks in the foundation. 

Keeping your lawn manicured is also important to eliminating environments where crickets may hide outdoors. Make sure to keep your grass cut short and firewood away from the house, as these can be breeding grounds for crickets. Additionally, keeping bushes and trees trimmed back from the house can keep crickets from using the limbs as a way to access your home.

You can also reduce the number of crickets around your home by replacing your outdoor lights with yellow bulbs, which are less attractive to crickets and other outdoor pests.  

Cricket Treatment and Control Methods in Phoenix

If you’re still having trouble keeping crickets away from your home, it might be time to seek professional help. At Responsible Pest & Scorpion Control, we can implement a monthly or bi-monthly pest control plan that will help keep your home protected from crickets and their predators. Plus, our treatment products are safe for your family, kids, and pets. 

Control Crickets and Their Predators with Responsible Pest

Crickets may seem like a small problem, but once their presence attracts their predators, a cricket infestation can cause problems for you and your family. The knowledgeable pest control service specialists at Responsible Pest & Scorpion Control will help you identify and manage your cricket problem in addition to black widows and scorpions in the process. For comprehensive pest and insect control, request a quote today!