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Ticks (Ixodida)

Treatments for this pest are included in these services:

Ticks in Arizona

Ticks can go a very long time without a blood meal and survive inside homes for several months without eating! Cleaning and vacuuming are important for effective tick control, but specialized treatments are usually needed to eliminate and control ticks.

1 – If you have pets, get them treated about the same time as your Tick Pest Control Treatment (Frontline Plus) To get fastest pest control for Ticks, We ask that you have your pet treated at the same time we do your Tick Control Treatments.

2 – Vacuum Vacuum Vacuum – Surfaces, floors, and curtains, etc.

3 – Dust and wipe down furniture.

4 – Launder linens

5 – Have Specialized Tick Pest Control Treatments {2 treatments are required for complete Tick Control}

6 – Monthly or Bimonthly maintenance pest control to prevent future infestation.

7 – Ticks feed on pet and sometimes human blood (an alarming experience!) They are easily picked up by pets outside in areas other animals have been. Pets then bring ticks indoors on them. Outside ticks are often found in and around Oleander bushes… For some reason ticks love these bushes and will infest them. (If you’re battling Ticks and have Oleander bushes, you may consider removing them.)

Tick Control & Prevention Tips

1 – Try not to walk dogs in tall grass, and low growing bushy vegetation on trails, where other animals frequent. Thoroughly inspect your pets immediately after such an outing, preferable BEFORE they go inside the house. Don’t be casual when inspecting for ticks! Ticks can be hard to find before they attach, and have a BLOOD MEAL, because they’re SO thin and small. {You may want to double check the next couple day as ticks will be large and engorged with blood.} The best way to protect your family and pests from tick caused diseases, like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, is to PREVENT Tick bites! If you’re going on a hike or outing, make sure to spray down with repellent, and wear long sleeved shirts and long pants that are a light color so you can see any ticks before they bite.

2 – Watch for scratching, nibbling, and licking.

3 – Check for ticks regularly.

4 – Bathe pets after outings, especially in areas where there are other animals, or time with other pets.

5 – Wash pet bedding, floors, and furniture frequently.

6 – Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum. Empty vacuum bags in an outside trash cans!

7 – Use Frontline Plus for tick prevention on your dogs or cats.