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Flea (Siphonaptera)

Treatments for this pest are included in these services:

Fleas in Arizona

Pest Control for Fleas in Phoenix Metro Areas is not common, since fleas don’t really thrive in our climate.

However, when flea infestations are present, they’re usually found where pets sleep, travel, and hang out, but this isn’t always the case… Fleas can JUMP 6 inches vertically and hitch a ride on shoes or legs, homes can get infested without pets!

flea pest control

  • Prevent wild animals from entering your home & yard. Seal all holes into your home, & trap or bait animals already around.
  • Have your PETS treated the same day as your home and yard treated.
  • PREPARE for your Pest Control treatment:
    • REMOVE toys, pillows, etc., from floors (INCLUDING CLOSET FLOORS).
    • Remove anything under beds and furniture.
    • VACUUM: upholstered furniture (especially at base, and under), floors (& where wall / floor meet), & carpets.
    • SEAL used VACUUM BAG in a plastic bag before discarding outside. (or burn it)
    • CLEAN all areas frequented by pets.
    • CLEAN all table tops, window seals, refrigerator tops, counters, etc.
    • COVER any AQUARIUMS & turn pump off right before treatment!!
    • REMOVE pets including BIRDS from the house before treatment.
  • VENTILATE upon re-entry.
  • VACUUM the entire house SEVERAL times over the next 7-10 days after treatment!
  • FOLLOW UP service at least quarterly, with an IGR treatment before the next flea season.