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Fruit Fly (Drosophila melanogaster)

Treatments for this pest are included in these services:

Fruit Flies in Arizona

Scientific name: Drosophila – Meaning Lover of Dew
Out of one hundred and seventy seven different species of Fruit Flies in North America, only eight are common in the U.S. Fruit Flies are often confused with other small fly species in homes and restaurants. Fruit Flies are so small they can go right through regular insect screens. These tiny flies infest areas where fruit and veggies are available including: kitchens, restaurants, commercial food processing plants, farmers markets, salad bars, canneries, trash cans and dumpsters, and compost piles with fruit and veggies in them. Fruit Flies breed in and feed on decomposing moist organic materials, and pose health threats especially in the FOOD HANDLING INDUSTRY!

Pest Control

Vigilant SANITATION is key to Fruit Fly and Small Fly Pest Control! Sanitizing counters, equipment, floors, and trash bins throughout the day eliminates Fruit Fly feeding and breeding sites! In Food Handling establishments fruit and veggie debris fall by the way and go unnoticed providing food and breeding sites for flies. Employees must regularly and thoroughly clean under, around, and behind equipment and other surfaces. Hard to reach areas mush NOT be neglected during cleaning!

1. Wipe down all surfaces with a sanitizer after each use.
2. Store all fruit (and other foods) in sealed containers, preferable in the refrigerator. Do NOT leave any food out on counters. (That fruit bowl is pretty until you see fruit flies)

If adult fruit flies are present, larvae are developing in fermenting material close by. Adult fruit flies can be eliminated with fruit fly traps.

Some species of small flies feed on film in drains and decaying organic material in hard to reach places. To control these pests microbial cleaners work best well to eliminate organic material in drains, under baseboards, or broken floor tiles, and loose fitting grout.

  • InVade™ has a line of InVade Bio Cleaners to eliminate organic materials on floors that serve as a food source to FRUIT FLIES, ROACHES and other pests!
  • Bio Drain™ effectively clean areas with constant moisture (like drains).
  • Bio Foam™ works well to maintain areas that are seldom used or cleaned (like under equipment).
  • Occasionally applying Hot Spot™ in problem areas keep ongoing organic materials under control!