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Earwigs (Dermaptera)

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Arizona is home to several dangerous pests, such as scorpions and black widows. Fortunately, not all of the Grand Canyon State’s pests are threats to your home or business; some are simply nuisances. One such annoying pest is the earwig. Although its name and appearance might be alarming, this unusual-looking insect is not venomous, and it does not carry disease. 

However, that shouldn’t mean you should have to live with them scuttling around your space. If you’re wigged out by earwigs roaming your house or workplace, Responsible Pest & Scorpion Control is here to help with quality residential and commercial pest control solutions. Request a quote from us today.

How to Identify Earwigs 

Earwigs are easy to identify by the large, inwardly curving pincers on their abdomens. They have long, narrow bodies with black, yellow, and red coloring. As fully grown adults, they are typically 1/5 to 1 inch long, depending on the specific species. Earwigs are drawn to the dark, damp areas of Arizona homes and typically crawl about in search of food at night. Earwigs are known to release a foul-smelling odor in self-defense when they feel threatened. Additionally, their pincers do not carry venom, but they can still irritate your skin.

If you have earwigs around your home, contact the service specialists at Responsible Pest and have our team accurately identify your pest. 

Problems Earwigs Can Cause

The pincers on their abdomens look frightening, but earwigs are not necessarily dangerous to people. They cannot bite and do not carry venom. And despite the alarming myth that earwigs can crawl into your ears and lay eggs, you’re more likely to find them feeding on your plants than creeping across your pillow.

In fact, the main issues that earwigs can cause for residents are feeding on their houseplants and being generally unwelcome houseguests, similarly to silverfish or firebrats.

Eliminate Earwigs with Responsible Pest & Scorpion Control 

No matter if you’ve noticed a single earwig or several, Responsible Pest & Scorpion Control has the pest solutions you need. We’re proud to provide integrated pest management (IPM) methods for homes and businesses throughout the Phoenix metro. Whether we’re creating personalized solutions or helping pest-proof your home before earwigs even invade, you can rely on our team.

Stop earwigs from finding their way into your personal space—request your quote today!