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Earwigs (Dermaptera)

Treatments for this pest are included in these services:

Earwigs in Arizona

Not much is more disgusting than earwigs (or pincher bugs) inside your home. We called them “pincher bugs” when we were little because of their “pinscher” like tail end. They don’t look or act like it, but earwigs are actually harmless nuisance pests. They move fast, and live in large groups making infestations a serious pest threat.

Get rid of earwigs inside your home with the experts at Responsible Pest Control! Effective earwig control is established with monthly, bimonthly (service ever two month), or quarterly pest control service. There are also some easy fixes you can do around your home to cut down the earwig populations… Responsible Pest Control’s GUARANTEED Pest Control services eliminate earwig infestations along with all other general Arizona pests!

Did You Know… The Name “Earwig” comes from old European superstition. The saying goes that Earwigs crawl INTO people’s EARS as they sleep, and BORE into their BRAINS. This of course, is NOT true.

Earwigs in the greater phoenix valley

June – August are BIG EARWIG months throughout the Phoenix Valley!

Earwigs are a very common pest that infests outside areas and inside yards and homes throughout the Phoenix, AZ Valley. Earwigs, like many pests, are nocturnal and hide during the day in shady areas with a little moisture. They love areas under or in mulch, usually provided by fallen leaves and dead plant material in landscaping. Young earwigs cannot live without MOISTURE… (Which they get an abundance of with automatic sprinkler systems in the summer and during monsoon season!)

Along with regular earwig pest control service, one of the keys to getting rid of earwigs is starting MOISTURE CONTROL. The best exterminators on earth will also suggest you remove mulch and plant debris, or stones and objects that are close around your home and yard.

Cutting down on moisture and harboring areas will help DRY out areas around your house and make it incompatible for earwigs to thrive. Also, make sure your sprinkler or drip systems aren’t over-watering, as this really promotes earwig infestations.

Tip: We have to keep gardens wet especially during the HOT months. Control earwigs in your vegetable garden by spraying garden down with an insecticidal soap like Dr. Bronners insecticidal soap and water.