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Do Cats and Chickens Work for Natural Scorpion Control?

Rooster in field.

Do Cats or Chickens kill Scorpions?


Although cats and chickens kill scorpions and eat them, they’re NOT immune to scorpion venom and can get stung.


BUT… Scorpions are nocturnal and chickens are NOT.

Most cat owners don’t want to RISK their kitty getting stung by a scorpion. Not only is it dangerous to the animal, but can be costly in vet bills. Cats are fast and like to catch and play with scorpions and other pests. Although their fur may help protect them from scorpion stings, cats are not immune and can get stung.

Chickens LOVE to eat all bugs! Their eyesights is sharp and beaks are quick helping them catch bugs, so they’re great pest controllers in the yard. Chickens are awesome at keeping scorpion food sources under control, making your yard LESS inviting to scorpions.  

Chickens naturally go inside the hen house when it gets dark, so scorpions and chickens don’t usually connect. We have quite a few customers who have chickens and still need scorpion control services, so don’t bet on that… Sorry!

The BEST Scorpion Control Solution

Responsible Pest Control has collected scorpions, & ran 100′s of tests, with the best professional products, some are natural and some are man made, to develop an EFFECTIVE Scorpion Control service that KILLS the SCORPIONS themselves, not just the bugs scorpions feed on ~ GUARANTEED!


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