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Common Questions About Scorpions Answered by the Experts

You’ve got questions about scorpions. We’ve got answers.

If you live in an area where scorpions are prevalent, you might have concerns about these creatures. While for many, a scorpion sting could heal on its own, it could cause significant medical issues for some people.

At Responsible Pest & Scorpion Control, we are experts in the field and can answer some of the most commonly asked questions about scorpions. If you have a scorpion issue at your home or business, we can help take care of the problem for you.

What Do Scorpions Eat?

Scorpions are predators and consume a variety of insects. Common insects they eat include spiders and centipedes. A scorpion will even eat another scorpion if the opportunity presents itself.

Sometimes, scorpions eat snails, lizards, and snakes, but that is less common. To find foods to eat, they use their pinchers to catch their prey and use a stinger to inject venom inside its body, paralyzing the prey.

Scorpions must also drink water. While they can survive for long periods without food, they must consume water often.

Can Scorpions Kill You?

Scorpions can kill humans, especially humans that are allergic to their sting. Like bees, if someone is allergic to their sting, they could go into anaphylaxis. Without medical treatment, this could cause someone’s airway to close and not allow them to breathe.

However, there are only 25 or so types of scorpions whose venom is potent enough to kill someone, and even then healthy adults are unlikely to perish due to a sting.

What Does a Scorpion Sting Look Like?

Scorpion stings look similar to any bee or wasp sting. They are typically red and slightly swollen around the sting site.

Can Scorpions Swim?

Scorpions are not good swimmers naturally. If they get into the water, usually they can maneuver well enough to survive but are not proficient swimmers. They can survive in water for up to 48 hours because they can breathe through their exoskeleton, not lungs.

Can Scorpions Climb Walls?

Depending on the texture of the wall, scorpions can sometimes climb them. The wall has to have something for the scorpion to grip onto, however. They use their pincers to climb up a wall. If there is a stucco wall, the scorpion can get enough grip to climb up it. They cannot, though, climb up glass or smooth surfaces.

Do You Have a Scorpion Problem? Call Responsible Pest & Scorpion Control

If you notice a lot of scorpions around your home or business, you might have a problem. Contact Responsible Pest & Scorpion Control to have us take care of it. We can ease your fears about scorpions and allow you to feel comfortable in your home again.

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