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How To Naturally Get Rid of Scorpions

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Get Rid of Scorpions in 5 Steps

If you live in the Phoenix Valley, you have to know how to get rid of scorpions. Learn how in 5 easy steps!


Subtropical hot desert temperatures, moisture, and perfect sheltering areas are contributing conditions that make the Greater Phoenix Valley ideal for scorpions, and many pests, to thrive.  And despite the abundance of roaches, crickets and other creepers, scorpions are one of the main pest concerns throughout the Phoenix AZ Valley. Why? Because the Arizona Bark Scorpion lives throughout the Phoenix Valley & poses a threat as the most venomous scorpion species in the entire USA.

scorpion pest controlWe can’t change the weather, but we can adjust contributing conditions to help control scorpions naturally, in addition to specialized scorpion pest control.

Reduce Moisture

Moisture is one of the big reasons scorpions (and roaches, crickets, earwigs, etc.) are so plentiful throughout the Phoenix AZ Valley. Many desert areas are dryer than the Phoenix Valley, but irrigation, Monsoon rains, and landscaping water all work together to provide plenty of moisture for scorpions, and the bugs they eat, to really thrive.

Fortunately we can control, to some degree, moisture around our homes and yards to discourage pests! Make sure that you’re not over watering your lawn and landscaping. During the hot summer months most residents sprinklers are set to water daily, but every other day will keep the lawn and landscaping green without excess moisture for the bugs. Also, be sure to inspect your sprinkler system, and plumbing, to make sure you have no leaks! Fixing leaky pipes, and sprinklers, will save you money help control scorpions, and prevent other pest problems!

Remove Shelters

There are many ideal shelters for scorpions, and pests, throughout the Phoenix Valley! We’ve got trees with bark that scorpions love to shelter in, and groves of citrus that are often infested with scorpions. Cracks and crevices in concrete expansion joints, rocks to hide under, concrete sidewalks or patio’s to get under, and over 1.5 million homes to infest.

But the number one place scorpions infest around most valley residences, are block wall fences!

Neighborhood after neighborhood throughout the entire Greater Phoenix Valley are lined and divided with awesome concrete block wall fences. Block wall fences are ideal for privacy! Unfortunately, block wall fences are also ideal for bugs to take shelter in! Scorpions (and Black Widows) love block wall fences because they have so many cracks and crevices that they can hide in while at rest or hunting prey! Scorpions like cool areas with an airflow, so cracks between block wall fences are ideal…. DO NOT FEAR! You can seal your block wall fence to keep that privacy and prevent scorpions from sheltering in them. Use a high quality silicone caulk to fill cracks and seams in between concrete blocks and joints in your fence! Painting your fence further seals little cracks and crevices, and allows pest control treatments to stay on the surface, and be more effective.

Sealing scorpions out is also a natural pest control that helps keep them out of your house, and we highly recommend the professionals at We Seal It. They are licensed contractors with over 20 years experience sealing scorpions and pests out! Seal your home with caulk in cracks and crevices around your home and property including: In your block wall fence, weep areas, concrete cracks and expansion joints. Make sure exterior doors and windows have tight fitting door sweeps and weather stripping that leave no tiny holes for pests to enter.

Eliminate Food Sources

Scorpions like to eat too and are attracted to areas where food is abundant. Scorpions feed on a variety of insects but they especially love roaches and crickets. Control pests to eliminate scorpion food sources. You can control scorpion food sources a few ways:

    1. Good – Natural Pest Control

      Natural pest control is not as effective as a professional Pest Control Service, but will help keep pest populations down around your home and yard. To control pests naturally: Keep moisture low around your property, do not over water, and make sure there are no leaks in your landscape watering system of home plumbing. Keep landscaping trimmed up, grass trimmed low, and bushes and tree branches away from house. Vegetation that contacts the house is like a highway for pests to easily find a way inside. Replace exterior lighting with yellow bulbs. Many bugs are attracted to light but Yellow bulbs are less attractive to pests at night.

    2. Better – Pest Control

      Professional or DIY pest control treatments can be effective against general pests as long as correct products are applied in areas pests live breed and feed. However… Regular pest control does not kill scorpions. Scorpions are much harder to kill and require specialized products and application.

  1. Best – Scorpion Pest Control

    Specialized scorpion pest control products and services are specifically formulated and targeted to effectively kill scorpions. A side effect of effective scorpion pest control is general pest control. Scorpion pest control products and applications are stronger than general pest control and as a result, control general pests too!

Scorpion Pest Control

Effective Scorpion Pest Control is a specialized service with several different products, application methods and frequency. Most big pest control companies use one or two products when treating a property. But in the Phoenix Valley we have scorpions which most US cities do not. Effective general pest control products do not kill scorpions.

Scorpion control products that really work are more expensive and require a more tedious and thorough treatment in tiny cracks and crevices around any given property.  Every home and yard is unique, so Responsible Pest Control specially customizes each scorpion pest control treatment for every home and yard to get the maximum scorpion control. If you ever see scorpions while on our monthly scorpion pest control service, they will be dead or dying – guaranteed!

Scorpion Hunting

If you’ve put into action each of the above steps, scorpions will be under control around your home and yard. However… After controlling moisture, eliminating sheltering areas and food sources, natural pest control, and using monthly scorpion pest control, then scorpion hunting is a last defense.

If you are still worried about scorpions, you can always do a scorpion hunt in your home and yard before retiring to bed! Scorpions glow a bright yellowish-green color under a black light flashlight and can be picked up with a good pair of needle nose pliers then  put in a glass jar. (Scorpions can’t climb smooth glass and will stay in the bottom of the jar.)

Scorpions are survivors, but you can control scorpions by eliminating excessive moisture, sheltering areas, food sources, and with effective scorpion pest control treatment, home sealing and night scorpion hunting!

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