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How to Seal Block Wall Fences for Scorpions

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Help Control Scorpions… Seal Block Wall Fences!


Seal cracks and crevices in block wall fences to help Control Scorpions! One of the most beautiful things about the entire Phoenix Valley is the block wall fences that adorn entire neighborhoods. These fences are sturdy, long lasting and awesome for privacy, but… scorpions love to live in the cracks & crevices of concrete block wall fences! Scorpions need to conserve their moisture in the hot sun and like cooler areas with a little air flow making cracks and crevices in block wall fences prime real estate! Bark scorpions congregate and hunt from these ideal fence shelters.


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One of the most important steps in sealing your home against scorpions {and other pests} is sealing cracks, especially “I beams” in block wall fences!


Seal Block Wall Fences

Prevent pests from thriving inside or traveling through from one yard to another! Seal all cracks and crevices in block wall fences (& other concrete areas) with most any high quality silicone caulk. After sealing all the cracks and crevices with caulk, You can further improve the control of scorpions and pests by applying a coat of exterior paint, or waterproofing sealant, to the concrete block fence! Sealing the concrete blocks allows pest control treatments to stay on the surface and prevents it from absorbing into the concrete fencing making it much more effective!


Other Harboring Areas

We always recommend monthly scorpion control services for best results, and usually that’s all you need to keep scorpions out. However there are other things you can do to further prevent scorpion invasions and put your mind at ease. Scorpions also love cracks and crevices in landscaping rocks, concrete expansion joints, under patios and sidewalks, and in the weeps around the base perimeters of homes. Filling and cracks in these areas with caulk or copper mesh products helps prevent intrusions. Other harboring areas outside include: under rocks (they prefer rocks larger than 3/4 inch), under wood piles, and sprinkler boxes. Inside homes scorpions like dark secluded areas, but roam at night and like to climb walls. NOTE: It’s common for residents in the Phoenix Valley to find a scorpion in the sink or tub, but they do not come up through the drain pipes. Scorpions seek water and are often found in sinks or bathtubs because they can’t climb out!


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