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Gilbert AZ Scorpion Sealing Tips

Six scorpions under a blacklight.

Sealing Your Home From Scorpions

Gilbert Arizona is home to huge Scorpion populations, including Bark Scorpions. You can HELP protect your family and home by SEALING scorpions (and other pests) out!

The most effective Gilbert Pest Control for Scorpions {and other pests} always includes exclusion from your home. Eliminate pest entry as much as possible to help protect your home and family.


9 Steps to SEAL Scorpions Out

Sealing your home against scorpions, and other pests, HELPS keep them out. But, Scorpions can get through openings as small as 1/16th of an inch, and it is inevitable that a few spots will get missed. We recommend a monthly Pest Control for Scorpions to kill scorpions in your YARD, and around the exterior of your home – BEFORE they get inside!

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