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Do Scorpions Lay Eggs?

Bark Scorpion with Babies Phoenix AZ by Juliea Huffaker

Scorpion Reproduction

How do scorpions have babies?

Scorpions do NOT lay eggs. They give live birth to a big litter of tiny creamy white baby scorpions called “scorplings.”

How many babies do scorpions have at once?

Scorpions can give birth to litters ranging between 20 and 100 babies!

How long do baby scorpions stay with their mother?

By 2 weeks oldm scorpions are capable of stinging, and leave their mothers back to fend for themselves. Scorpions reach maturity in about 1 year, depending on the availability of food.

Scorpion babies born in captivity often fall prey to other adult scorpions as a food source.

Scorpion Babies

molted scorpion exoskeleton
Molted Scorpion Exoskeleton
  • Scorpion babies “SCORPLINGS” are a creamy white color.
  • Tiny little Scorplings ride on their mothers back till their 1st molt (usually 10-20 days) then climb down and become independent predators.
  • After their 1st molt, Scorplings leave their mother back to feed.
  • Scorpions molt 6 times before they’re mature, between 3 – 4 years.
  • Adult scorpions live for several years! It’s common for scorpions to live up to 8 YEARS!
  • Scorpions mate, throughout the Phoenix AZ Valley, during late SPRING & early SUMMER.
  • Scorpions can reproduce without fertilization, but it’s not common.

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