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Does Powdered Delta Dust Around Homes Control Scorpions? Phoenix AZ

"Scorpion control."

Scorpion Pest Control in Phoenix, AZ

Scorpion Control is a big concern throughout the Phoenix Valley. Save time and money… Let the experts get the job done right – from the start!

Lines of DE & Delta Dust Powder Do Not Work

We have seen residents or Pest Control companies in the Phoenix Valley apply Delta Dust and DE powders in piles and lines around homes in an effort to wart off or repel and control scorpions. This is not only dangerous, it’s a violation of the delta dust product label and does not work to control scorpions.

Scorpions and other pests can walk right through both Delta Dust and Diatomaceous Earth into homes through small holes around doors, windows, weeps, and exterior vents. Product tests show that after scorpions walk through a line or pile of DE or Delta Dust powder they continue to live without problems. For these products to kills scorpions they must be living on them for a longer period of time (not just crossing a pile or line.)

scorpion pest controlControlling scorpions is best achieved using responsible methods that do not pose hazard to your family or environment. Correct application according to product labels is not only the best use of a product, it also protects you. 

What Does Work

Responsible Pest Control specializes in Effective Scorpion Pest Control with responsible methods throughout the Phoenix Valley. Our expert Techs know which products actually work (killing scorpions and general desert pests) and where they work. Delivering the most effective Pest Control for Scorpions and other pests with treatment applications that are friendly to family and pets. Targeting scorpions themselves, plus their food sources and sheltering areas where they live!

Living in the Phoenix Valley does not mean you have to live with scorpions. Responsible Pest Control provides specialized scorpion pest control treatments that target harboring areas where scorpions hide during the day with the most effective products that actually kill scorpions themselves and general desert pests – Guaranteed!

Join 1,000′s of happy customers living scorpion free in AZ!

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