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How do Black Widows Spread? Pest Control – Phoenix AZ

Black widow spider.

How Black Widows Spread

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Residents who’ve had these large black glossy VENOMOUS spiders around their home and yard often wonder “How do you get Black Widows?”

Black Widows have an interesting way of SPREADING after they hatch. Newly hatched Black Widows climb to a high point (where they get an air current) they spin silk threads into the air, and FLOAT out on the breeze!! They use their silk threads like a KITE or HOT AIR BALLOON! This is actually called “Ballooning”.

You guys do a great job. Our big problem on move-in 5 years ago wasn’t scorpions, but black widows. Under our front doorstep, back patio, and quite a few in the garage. Since Resp Pest’s 1st application, I literally have never seen another since.”

Written by: Wayne Gralian
Pest Control Service
Date published: 12/18/2014
4.9 / 5 stars

Black Widow Pest Control

Pest Control for Black Widows is an ongoing process because they’re always spreading for neighboring areas.

A big pest problems in our Phoenix Valley desert is Black Widow spiders. No matter what part of the valley you’re in, chances are you’ll find one of these dangerous spiders lurking in a corner somewhere!

Because Black Widows spread on the breeze, pest control treatments must be ongoing to keep an active barrier that will kill the spiders as they intrude on your property. Black widows usually take a couple hours to die after contacting our product barriers around your home and yard. At each service our expert technicians treat for Black Widows, sweep down spider webs, and remove any egg sacks.

Black Widows are large black glossy spiders that have a bright reddish – orange hourglass shaped mark under their bellies. Adult females get up to 1 and 1/2 inches long when their legs are extended. Males also have the red marking on their underbellies, but they’re a light tan in color and considerably smaller in size. These spiders ARE venomous and Medical Attention may be required if bitten.


Black Widow Pest Control & Prevention

There are several things you can do, with your Pest Control Service, around your home & yard to help prevent Black Widows infestation:

  1. Eliminate debris around your home & several feet out (rocks, wood piles, etc) Pests hide under debris during the day.
  2. Repair any leaky pipes inside & in yard watering system.
  3. Add Door Sweeps
  4. Make sure all Weather-Stripping around your home is in good order, replace as needed.
  5. SCREEN vents around & on top of your home.
  6. Change exterior light bulbs to Yellow Light Bulbs ~ They’re less attractive to MANY MANY bugs like: beetles, crickets, moths, flies, & the Black Widows that would that feed on them!!!
  7. Make sure your not over watering. (most watering systems are set daily, but every 2 to 3 days is sufficient)
  8. Make sure water on your property is draining. (no hidden puddles)
  9. Trim grass and plants, and make sure they aren’t touching your house.
  10. Clean up all food crumbs, spills, etc.
  11. Silicone CAULK around doors & windows to seal any holes.

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