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How To Safely Remove Ticks

Ticks are not only hard to find, but hard to get rid of. Read this guide from Responsible pest control to learn how to remove and get rid of ticks. Schedule your free quote today with Responsible Pest Control, and get professional tick removal service.

How To Safely Remove Ticks

Ticks can cause serious health problems in humans, dogs, and cats. If a tick has bitten you or your pet, removing it as soon as possible is essential. Removing a tick as quickly as possible can reduce the risk of disease transmission.

Here is a short guide on how to remove ticks from humans, dogs, and cats. Also, we have provided information on how to prevent ticks from infesting your yard by seeking help from a professional pest control specialist.

How to Remove a Tick

Removing a tick from humans, dogs, and cats can differ slightly. It’s important to ensure your pet feels comfortable so they don’t get frightened during the process. If they make any sudden movements, you could risk having the head stay stuck in your pet.

How to Remove a Tick From a Human

Follow these three steps to remove a tick from a human:

  1. Use tweezers to get as close to the skin’s surface as possible to grasp the tick.
  2. Pull upward, steadily and evenly. Avoid any twisting movements, as this can cause the head of the tick to break off and stay in the skin.
  3. Clean and disinfect the area using soap and water or rubbing alcohol.

How to Remove a Tick From a Dog or Cat

A person searching a golden retriever for potential ticks

Before removing the tick from your dog or cat, getting them into a comfortable position where they feel safe is important. Have them sniff the tweezers so they feel more comfortable about them touching their skin.

More information on how to remove a tick from a cat or dog includes:

  1. Use tweezers and get as close as possible to the skin’s surface.
  2. Make sure your pet sits still and then pull upward steadily and evenly without making any sudden movements that could cause the head to break off and remain in the skin.
  3. Clean the impacted area with rubbing alcohol or soap and water.

Removing a tick from humans and pets has many similarities. It’s essential to help your pet feel comfortable during the removal so they don’t make sudden movements.

How to Remove a Tick Head

Unfortunately, sometimes you might pull a tick from the skin, but the head stays inside the body. In this case, you must continue to work to remove the tick’s head. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that the best way to remove a tick’s head is to try to remove it with tweezers.

Responsible Pest Control Can Help to Prevent Ticks From Infesting Your Yard

You could seek help from Responsible Pest Control to prevent ticks in your yard. We have solutions to your tick problems. Contact us today to learn more about the tick prevention services we offer.

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