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Difference Between Termites and Mud Daubers – Mesa Pest Control

Subterranean termite tube on foundation wall.

Termites & Mud Daubers

Phoenix AZ Valley residents often mistake Mud Dauber Wasps for Termites. Mud Daubers build mud tube nests on homes and building that can look like termite mud tubes. Mud Daubers usually find a sheltered area to build their mud tube nests, like under eaves.

Mud Dauber nests get round holes in them as the wasps emerge. termite tubes. Mud Dauber nests are most likely inactive after springtime. Mud Daubers are easily controlled with regular Pest Control Service unlike Termites which require specialized termite treatments to eliminate.

Subterranean Termite Tube

Subterranean Termite Tube

Mud Dauber by Howard Ensign Evans, Colorado State University,

Mud Dauber by Howard Ensign Evans, Colorado State University,

Termite Control by Juliea Huffaker (3)Arizona Termite Control

You may have heard… Subterranean TERMITES in Arizona cause MORE home DAMAGE than fires & floods COMBINED! You can PROTECT Your home with Responsible’s TERMIDOR Termite Treatments & FREE Termite Inspections for homeowners (fee for escrow.) And because each home is UNIQUE, we develop a CUSTOMIZED treatment plan for Your home to ensure GUARANTEED Control.


lTermites and Mud Daubers are no match for the experts at Responsible Pest Control! Our experienced pest control technicians know the difference between termite tubes and mud dauber nests, and can answer any questions you may have about them. All services at Responsible Pest Control are GUARANTEED with responsible methods for the safety of your family and pets!


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