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Does Pest Control Kill Millipedes? – Greater Phoenix Mesa AZ

Pest Control for Millipedes

Pest ControlThe most important element of millipede pest control is eliminating MOISTURE that allows them to THRIVE!

EXTERIOR Pest Control Measures for Millipedes:


Millipede Identification

Millipedes have the nick name “thousand leggers”, but they really only have between 30 and 375 pairs of legs.
Millipedes occur all over the world, and there are 1000 species of Millipedes in the US alone! Some millipede species have abad smelling that comes from a fluid that runs along the sides of their body. These millipedes are toxic to small birds, and animals, and can cause blisters on humans.

Millipede Habits

Millipedes are nocturnal {active at night}, and SCAVENGERS! They feed on rotting organic materials. Usually millipedes prefer to eat plant materials, but they also feed on other dead bugs, worms, and snails!
Because Millipedes require moisture for their survival, they don’t usually infest inside homes. When they do find their way indoors, they die in a few days {unless you have a bad moisture problem!} Millipedes can bread all year round with the right conditions, and adult females ulay between 20 and 300 eggs which will hatch in several weeks! Eggs are laid in rotting organic materials or cavities in the soil.¬†


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