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Can Pest Control Keep Away Slugs? – Gilbert AZ

Pest Control for Slugs AZ

Slug Pest Control

You wouldn’t think slugs could live in the desert, but surprisingly they do.

The name “slug” refers to the way they move so slowly. They like to shelter during the heat of the day under boards, logs, stones, low vegetation, mulch, and litter. Slugs are generally considered a nuisance pest, but they can cause damage as they feed at night on vegetation like: flowers, veggie gardens, bushes, etc.

Pest Control for slugs consists of removing harboring areas and moisture that’s conducive to infestation.

Remove anything from the ground around your yard that can hold moisture. Slugs love damp moist areas {like mulch and under ivy} and often shelter under landscape materials, pots, large rocks, logs on the ground, dead leaves and litter.

You can reduce moisture in your yard and landscaping to help control slugs by cutting back on watering times, and watering only in the early morning so that the yard has time to dry out before dark. Dry out the soils around your home by eliminating mulch within 1 foot, and keep plants 2 feet away from the foundation.

Slugs that are manually removed by collecting them at night, can be put into a jar of alcohol to kill.

Professional bait treatments are available for slugs and snails. Responsible application methods need to be adhered to for the safety of children and pets.

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