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Why Pest Control Inspections are Necessary

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First Pest Control Step: Inspection

The first step to successful Pest Control is inspection, investigating the property and the pests. The happiest Pest Control is PREVENTION by reducing pest resources and access to the inside. During a pest inspection we gather information necessary to implement the most effective pest control treatment:

Pest Identification

Correct identification of pests is crucial to control! Identification must be specific… For example: If you have a roach problem, we must know which species of roach were treating, or pest control will fail. There’s no silver bullet when it comes to pest control products, and knowing exactly which pest we’re targeting allows correct product application.

Infestation Locations & Density

Pest activity locations are used to treat most effectively. Identifying where pests are infesting, and how big the infestation is allows our expert tech’s to focus treatments at the source, and reduces product usage where it has no effect. Infested locations can then be treated with the correct amount of products to eliminate the infestation completely. For example scorpions usually infest bock wall fences, so we treat those during scorpion pest control services!

Points of Entry

Knowing how pests are gaining access inside allows pest control pro’s to treat entry points most effectively. Pests get into homes and buildings in 2 ways… On their own, or they’re brought in.

Pests enter buildings on their own by: crawling or flying inside through cracks and crevices, weep holes, construction gaps, on pipes and wires that enter the house, through exterior vents, under doors, and through windows.

Pests are often brought inside on deliveries, by residents, employees or visitors (bed bugs for example), and in potted plants.

Contributing Conditions

Discovering and correcting conditions around your property that attract, or sustain, pest infestations plays a huge part in successful pest control! Eliminating contributing conditions allows LONG TERMITE control, and PREVENTS future infestations. Sometimes eliminating contributing conditions is the only way to get control. Contributing conditions can be a variety of things including: moisture, sanitation issues, and landscaping.

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