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How Does Rain Affect Pest Control Treatment? – Phoenix AZ

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How Does Rain Affect Pest Control Treatments?

When rain is in the forecast, people often wonder if they should reschedule their Pest Control Service. “Should I reschedule my pest control service because it’s supposed to rain?” is a good question!

Our PROFESSIONAL Pest Control products are MADE to LAST through REGULAR weather… INCLUDING rain.

Sometimes we get some crazy Monsoon flooding in the Phoenix Valley!

Heavy rains or Monsoons have the potential to flood yards. Responsible Pest Control is committed to complete customer satisfaction no matter the weather! If your yard gets flooded, we will reschedule your pest control service till it has drained, or do a free retreat when needed at NO extra charge to you.


"Guaranteed control."Does Rain Ruin My Pest Control Barrier?

NOT when you have Responsible pest Control!

Professional grade products are made to stand up to rain. However, despite all best efforts with high quality products and regular pest control maintenance, Monsoon season and weather behavior can cause an influx of pests.

Extreme weather and dust storms can cover pest control barriers that were applied only weeks prior, and HEAVY RAINS can flood out treated yards giving pests the moisture they thrive in, and diluting previous treatments.

At Responsible Pest Control our customers always come first! If you have any bug invasions between services, please give us a jingle, and We’ll get you on the schedule for a FREE re-treat right away.


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