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Does Regular Pest Control Kill Scorpions?

"Scorpion control."

Scorpion Control in Arizona


Most pest control treatments will kill scorpions if sprayed directly, meaning during the pest control service. After regular pest control treatments dry, they have little to no effect on scorpions.

Effective scorpion pest control is done with specialized products that keep working over a longer period of time. Some of these products actually stick to scorpions, even after drying, giving them more time to work.

Specialized or effective scorpion control applications create a protective barrier that keeps killing scorpions specifically long after they’ve dried, and then they’re reapplied before wearing off.


Scorpions Pest Control

Scorpions are survival machines with physical characteristics protecting them from the environment and regular pest control treatments.


Scorpions not only have exoskeletons that act like body armor, they breathe through spiracles, or little openings on the sides of their bodies. Scorpions can open and close these breathing holes to keep moisture in, and keep other things, like pest control products, out. Scorpions can actually survive for two days underwater, through most pest control treatments, through long winters, and without food for a very long time!

Scorpions can slow their metabolism down & live for months without food. The ability to go without food for so long means that regular pest control alone, that just kills the bugs scorpions feed on, will not control scorpions!

In fact, multiple sources report scorpions surviving an entire year without food. Metabolism control allows scorpions to endure months of colder temperatures without food till temperatures warm and food become available again. In the Phoenix AZ Valley, scorpions become active, emerging from nesting or hibernation mode, when night temperatures rise above 70 degrees.


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