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Do Scorpion Control Powders Work?

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Scorpion Control “Powders”

Responsible Pest Control specializes in effective scorpion control with responsible treatment methods for the safety of family and pets – GUARANTEED!

Spreading pesticide or DE powder around your property is NOT SAFE and ineffective scorpion control. Some companies (and DIY websites) claim spreading pesticide or DE powder around the base of your home kills pests including scorpions. Two reasons spreading powder for scorpion pest control is NOT safe or effective –

Pesticide Powders

Besides the fact that most pesticides do NOT kill scorpions (some say they do, and don’t) NO pesticide is labeled for SAFE application with this method.

Pesticides applied in excess (like spreading powder in lines around your home or yard) pose health risks to your family, pets, and unintended creatures.

Powdered pesticides are only labeled for application to cracks, crevices, and VOIDS. Voids are empty spaces that have no access like inside walls, etc. Carcinogenic products, like commercial grade pesticides, should be used professionally with treatment methods that reduce risk to applicants and residents.

Diatomaceous Earth

Not Effective

DE powders are ineffective for scorpion control for a few reasons. One – Scorpions have to stay in powder for an extended period of time for their exoskeletons to get cut up enough to make them dry out and die.

Two – Scorpions can just walk across a line of DE (which they usually do) and it has no effect on them.

Three – Another reason DE is ineffective as scorpion control is because after if gets wet, it stops working.

DE is Not Safe as a Spread

People have the misconception that because SOME forms of DE are “food grade” they’re safe. HOWEVER, “food grade” means it’s safe for consumption and digestion, not INHALATION or pest control application.

DE powders are microscopically abrasive powders that are easily blown up into the air posing health risks to lungs, respiratory tracts, eyes, and skin. Inhaled Diatomaceous Earth can cause nasal passage irritation, a cough, and even shortness of breath. Getting DE in your eyes will cause irritation due to it’s abrasive nature.

“Pool filter grade DE is processed differently – it is not amorphous, but rather contains crystallized silica (formed when DE is exposed to high heat). Such forms of DE are carcinogenic and not recommended for use in pest control.

Because DE is a fine dust, even food-grade forms may pose a hazard to health if inhaled. DE should be applied with a bulb-duster and the proper personal protective equipment (for DE this includes a NIOSH-approved respiratory Dust mask, gloves, goggles). Arizona state law requires that public applications of any pesticide – regardless of toxicity – must be done by personnel licensed by the Arizona Structural Pest Control Commission.”


Real Effective Scorpion Control

"Guaranteed control."Avoid the frustration and financial loss that comes with DIY scorpion control! It’s best to leave Scorpion Control up to the pro’s who apply PROVEN products in direct areas scorpions shelter around. These treatments do not get blown into the air, and are not easily absorbed by hands or paws after they dry!

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