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How Termite Control Prices Are Calculated in Phoenix, AZ

Group of termites.
Subterranean Termites

Subterranean Termites – USDA ARS Photo Unit, USDA Agricultural Research Service,

Factors For Termite Control Pricing

  1. Linear FOOTAGE of home and infested areas to be treated.
  2. Type of FOUNDATION: There are two ways concrete foundations are constructed in the Phoenix Valley, including: traditional concrete or post tension. TRADITIONAL FOUNDATIONS are usually on older homes {over 6 years old}, they are poured in several different sections. Termite Control treatments of TRADITIONAL foundations are more expensive because they require interior and exterior treatments, plus HORIZONTAL drilling through the concrete FOOTERS around your home. POST TENSION FOUNDATIONS are constructed by pouring the concrete in ONE SOLID PIECE. These foundations do NOT get drilled through, but treated around the perimeters, and the soil around and underneath.
  3. LINEAR FOOTAGE of DRILLING REQUIREMENTS through concrete porches or garages abutting foundation. The more drilling required the more expensive the treatment is. We drill through EXPANSION joints as much as possible, to save homeowners from the look of drilled concrete.
  4. Location of Termite Infestation.
  5. Type of Termite & Treatment required for complete control. Most termites throughout the Phoenix Valley are Subterranean, and require treatment on the foundation and surrounding soil. However, occasionally there is a dry-wood termite infestation that requires a much more expensive fumigation treatment.

EFFECTIVE Termite Control

phoenix termite controlAll EFFECTIVE Termite Control efforts start with a thorough Termite Inspection of your home.

Responsible Pest Control provides FREE Termite Inspections for homeowners that come with a customized report of your homes infested areas, and Termite Treatment requirements for complete control. (Responsible Pest Control provides FREE Termite Inspections for homeowners, and charge a small fee for escrow transactions.)

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