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Have Mud Tubes or Sand Hanging From Your Ceiling?

Time for Termite Control!

After termites make their way it into your home and ceiling, they’ll often build mud tubes that hang down through drywall. If you’ve seen odd sandy structures hanging from your wall or ceiling, it’s time for Termite Control!

Termite "mud tubes" hanging down from ceiling. Pic by Emanuel Jara:)

Termite “mud tubes” hanging down from ceiling. Pic by Emanuel Jara:)

Have you seen tiny mud like tubes hanging from a ceiling?

Subterranean Termites actually live IN the SOIL, but chew with their scissor like jaws into homes. Termites travel through homes (and other structures) inside “Mud Tubes” that they build with their own fecal matter. Termites eat away at the wood products your home is built with twenty four hours a day – seven days a week, and NEVER sleep.

When you see these structures hanging from the ceiling, Termites have come all the way from the soil through walls and are most likely chewing on your roof trusses!

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