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Ways to Scorpion-Proof Your House

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Home Scorpion Sealing

No one wants scorpions in their home… Ever! Most people know that if they see one, usually there’s several more lurking around.

Scorpion Proofing helps keep scorpions out of your home, but it’s not a sure proof way to control scorpions around your home and yard. Effective control of scorpions, and other pests, includes Monthly Scorpion Pest Control services! Monthly Pest Control focuses on scorpions, but also eliminates all regular desert bugs. This monthly service maintains a protective barrier around your home, yard, and block wall fence that actually kills scorpions and keeps them out! Prices for Monthly service are $49 per month for homes under 3000 square feet (with service agreement).

Scorpions come from areas like: deserts, green belts, drainage areas, neighboring properties, etc. These scorpions will thrive in any yard that is not protected with an effective pest control barrier, or is insufficiently treated with products that just don’t kill scorpions!!!

While your technician is treating your home and yard, they search out pest “hot spots” and thoroughly treat them! Your technician may also suggest some common sense solutions to do around your home or yard to eliminate pest resources.

Help SEAL Scorpions Out of Your Home and Yard

1 – Remove logs, rocks, leaf piles and other places scorpions could shelter under from the ground around your home and yard.

Stacks of wood, piles of leaves, overgrown bushes, even flag stone just lying on top of the dirt are areas that scorpions love. They love these areas not only because they provide harborage but because they can find other pest here that they can eat.

2 – Seal scorpions out of cracks in concrete with Concrete Caulk in cracks and concrete expansion joints.

Often times around your home you will find a gap between your patio or front porch concrete and your home. When the concrete is poured they put a material between the concrete. Over time this material rots or falls apart and thus it leaves a gap for pest to get down under your concrete and live. Scorpions love this area!!! You can seal this area with caulk, or if it is a wider gap expandable foam.

3 – Close up gaps on your side walk or cool decking.

Often times your sidewalks, or cool decking around your pool is poured directly on top of the soil without digging. Over time the pest will dig out between the concrete and the top of the soil allowing pest to harbor in this area. Just simply go around your sidewalk and push the soil back up against the concrete.

4 – Silicone CAULK cracks and spaces in your block fence I blocks.

Scorpions love to live in the cracks in your block wall fences. The “I” block is the column that looks different every 8-10 feet. “I” blocks have voids that scorpions love to infest.

5 – Make pest control treatment much more effective, paint your block wall fence!

(Waterproofer Acrylic Clear Sealer prevents product application from being absorbed into the blocks!!!)

6 – Replace old or missing Weather-Stripping on your doors are in good order.

7 – This is very important… Stuff Copper Mesh up into the weeps

Weeps are under stucco or siding (exterior base perimeter of home ~ between foundation and stucco walls) and holes that cannot be caulked.

8 – Screen over Vents that enter your home.

Make sure you screen all vents that enter your home around & on TOP of your home.

9 – Add new Door Sweeps to exterior doors.

Scorpions only NEED a 1/16 inch opening to enter. Make sure all exterior door sweeps are in good order.

10 – Silicone caulk

to fill cracks in trim of stucco around doors, windows, and utility pipes or wires entering your home.

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