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What is Biting Me?

Bed bug crawling on human skin.

Bug Bite Pest Control


Not much is worse than bug bites, get rid of biting pests fast with the experts at Responsible Pest Control!

There are several different bug bite sources, and correct identification is crucial for effective Pest Control. Misdiagnosis by a Pest Control professional OR a Medical DR., is costly and frustrating!

Bugs bites often come from: Ants, Bedbugs, Centipedes, Kissing Bugs, Fleas, Flies (Yup… Several types of Flies bite!), Lice, Mites, Mosquitoes, No-see-ums, Punkies, Spiders, and Ticks.


Pest Control for Bug Bites Includes


    1. Prevention by sealing your home or structure against animal hosts or flying insects. Seal your attic to prevent birds, wild cats, and rats who can carry blood feeding bugs into your environment.
    2. Correct Identification to ensure proper product usage, application and sanitation.
    3. When pets are involved they need to be treated professionally on the same day, preferably before the property is treated.
    4. Professional Pest Control application to: interior, exterior, yard, cracks and crevices, etc.
    5. Sanitation:
      • Vacuuming all rugs, floors, and fabric covered furniture.
      • Cleaning or disposing of all pet bedding.
      • Removing all debris and harboring areas.
      • Keep ALL landscaping grass, and plants well trimmed.
      • Remove any bird nests on property (as these carry biting mites, etc.)

Other Causes of “Bug Bite” Like Reactions

      • Allergic reactions to: cosmetics, lotions, grass, chemicals, soaps, perfumes, dyes, synthetic carpets, pollen, etc.
      • Skin conditions like: eczema, contact dermatitis, and urticaria.
      • Continuous contact with cutaneous sensitizers often causes dermatitis, including: types of aniline dyes, different waxes, chromium, poisonous plants, plastics, acrylics, and formaldehyde.
      • Seasonal temperature changes.
      • Dry skin
      • Excessive sweating
      • Stress, Conflict, and Anxiety can all cause skin irritations.
      • Prescription drugs, drug interactions and drug abuse.
      • Vitamin B12 Deficiency
      • Diseases including: liver disease, diabetes, and thyroid disorders.
      • Illnesses including: Chicken Pox and Herpes zoster or shingles.
      • Pregnancy

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