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What is the Buzzing Sound We Hear During the Summer in Phoenix?

Close-up of a cicada on a leaf.

Do You Hear That Loud Buzzing Noise Outside in the Summer?

Desert Cicadas buzzing sound is so loud it can be heard up to 440 yards away. I always joke that it’s going to give me brain cancer!

So why do desert Cicadas make that buzzing noise? Male Cicadas make the buzzing sound?… Because that’s how MALE cicadas attract a female to mate. They’ll stop by the end of August!

These summertime musicians travel by flight, and like to rest on bushes and trees. Cicadas look like a HUGE {Adults are about 2 inches long} FLY with very BIG buggy eyes that protrude from their head.

Cicadas NYMPHS come up through soil around {They were feeding on the sap from the roots.} trees between May and June. They MOLT or outgrow their skin and leave their old empty shell behind on trees, bushes, stucco, and covered porches. Cicadas feed on SAP, and have a mouth designed to pierce and suck.

We have plenty of scary pests the the Phoenix Valley that require Pest Control from SCORPIONS to Black Widows, but Cicadas pose NO MEDICAL threat. They do cause damage to mesquite trees that they feed on. Branches will die back a few feet from the tip. This does not actually harm the tree, and can be considered a natural pruning process! 

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