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What Do Scorpions Feed On?

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Scorpion Feed On:

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In the Phoenix Valley, Scorpions eat a variety of spiders and bugs, but they especially love crickets and roaches. Scorpions can also be cannibalistic, occasionally eating another scorpion! However, where there’s water, scorpions can live for several months without any food at all!

Scorpions do not see well, so they depend on touch and air movements to catch their food. They’re nocturnal and come out to search for food at night.

After catching live prey with pedipalps (claws), the scorpion stings it’s victim repeatedly.

Scorpions chew their food, with chelicerae, into tiny pieces.

Scorpions pack those tiny pieces in the coxae of the pedipals where they add a liquidizing fluid. Then they ingest the juice and eliminate a dry pellet.

Responsible Pest Control specializes in scorpion pest control that’s guaranteed to be effective on scorpions and their prey throughout the Phoenix AZ Valley.

"Scorpion control."Successful Scorpion Pest Control includes eliminating food sources…. So what do scorpions eat?

If you’re looking into scorpion control, you may have heard that you must control their food sources. You may have even been told that the only way to get rid of scorpions is to get rid of the bugs they eat. This is not true!

However, controlling the bugs they eat does help prevent scorpion infestations because they’re are attracted to areas with other scorpions and where food is abundant!

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