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Why Do I Have So Many Pincher Bugs?

Earwig Pest Control Mesa

Earwigs Thrive After Wet Months

Wet months and heavy watering in the desert allow earwigs to THRIVE! Even if you’ve never had bug problems, you’ll see quite a few earwigs & pests after we get a good rain or over watering! 

All the wonderful rain really brings the bugs out; giving them the moisture they need to flourish and reproduce. Earwigs get flooded out of the ground, and THRIVE in these moist conditions. We will also see a huge increase in: Scorpions, Roaches, and Ticks!

Earwigs like to group together and are attracted to each other by pheromones. Earwigs are a common interior pest as they enter and infest inside homes throughout the Phoenix Valley through cracks and crevices around the foundation, doors, and windows.

Harboring Areas:

Harboring areas are places that give shelter and conducive conditions for earwigs to thrive.

Harboring areas include: landscaping elements such as mulches, rocks, ground cover, and patio stones. Other areas include piles of lumber, dead leaves, bricks, tree and bushes that touch the house, and gutters with debris.


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