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Why Phoenix Pest Control Sometimes Fails

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Pest Control Failures

Why didn’t your pest control work? Pest Control doesn’t work for several reasons including: Improper mixing, inappropriate products for target pests, incomplete applications, sanitation, structural damage & resistance.

Wrong Product Application

Regular (or general) pest control does not kill all pests! Scorpions, Roaches and other pests require specific product applications to be effective! Using the wrong products results in FAILURE every time!

Scorpions require specialized products designed specifically for scorpions. Roach infestations also require specific products and applications different from scorpions, ants and other pests. Using the correct products applied in the right way for targeted pests is the only way to EFFECTIVE pest & Scorpion control!


Improper Mixing

Improper product mixing is a common problem for those who are untrained or do not read and understand professional pest control product labels. This can lead to a watered down application, or over application which poses safety risks.


Incomplete Application

Applications are not effective if harboring areas are not treated. This can include wall voids, hard to reach areas, crack and crevices, expansion joints, under eves, and other areas depending on the intended pest target.



A lack of sanitation poses a problem in controlling several pests including: Roaches, Bed Bugs, Flies, Ants, and other pests. Pests that are targeted with BAITS often FAIL due to other food sources, or lack of sanitation. Insects must feed on baits for them to be effective because pests often will choose other foods when they’re readily available!


Structural Damage

Structural Repairs often need to be made as part of effective pest control depending on the target pest. This can include sealing holes, caulking cracks, fixing broken tiles, repairing screens, etc. Excessive SHELTER and ENTRY points are often the result of structural damage, or deficiencies, that inhibit pest control efforts and cause failed efforts.


Insect Resistance

Throughout history there are several pests that have become resistant to pesticides. This can continue to be a problem, especially with improper treatment. Pests that are most likely to develop resistance to pest control products are: ROACHES, Mosquitoes, flies, and some pantry pests. These insects are more likely to become resistant to products because they reproduce so fast, and have short development times, and low migration. They develop resistance and pass it on as they reproduce causing product resistance for entire species!

The best way to avoid this problem is using I.P.M. techniques; and rotating between products that offer diverse methods of control. Scorpions and other “occasional invaders” are unlikely to develop resistance because pest control treatments do not target their reproduction.


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