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Are Centipedes Poisonous? Learn The Dangers of Centipedes

A 7 inch centipede by a tape measure.

Centipede Control

Most people who find a Centipede in their home or yard wonder, “Are Centipedes poisonous?” The answer is yes.

Watch out for centipede bites! Centipedes have poisonous jaws and inject venom with them. Large centipedes, like the one pictured above, can break through human skin. Centipede bites are like a bee sting and cause pain and swelling. The bigger the centipede, the bigger the bite.

Centipede bites are painful and can swell, but they aren’t lethal. Centipede bites can be comparable to bee stings, and just like bee stings, allergic reactions can make reactions to centipede bites worse.


Pest ControlPest Control

Centipedes are effectively controlled with Responsible Pest Control’s monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly pest control services. Centipedes seek moist areas, so eliminating (as much as possible) areas with high moisture around your home will help in controlling them. You can do this by removing thick mulch and ground covering around your home.


Centipedes in Arizona

Centipedes live all over in Arizona from the foothills to homes in the Phoenix Valley and Tucson. They’re are usually found in landscaping areas high in moisture, but will enter homes feeding on flies, spiders, etc. Centipedes are carnivorous and get some of their moisture needs from their prey.

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