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Giant Centipede Pest Control in Phoenix, AZ

A 7 inch centipede by a tape measure.

Giant Centipedes in Phoenix

Giant Centipedes in Phoenix are commonly found outside the city. This one was found while hiking at Reavis Ranch. Responsible specializes in Centipede Pest Control in Phoenix, AZ.

This may look like a huge centipede, but they actually grow up to 2 inches bigger! Giant centipedes can grow to an impressive 8 inches long. One of the biggest centipedes, Scolopendra heros, is found in Arizona and Southern California.

Giant centipedes bites are painful but not normally life-threatening. (Sensitive individuals could have a severe reaction, like with bee stings.) Bites cause tenderness and swelling that can disappear after four or five hours, but some people have reported tenderness and swelling to last several weeks. There are several exotic giant centipede species, usually kept as pets, whose bites are dangerous.

Centipede Pest Control

INSIDE: Centipedes usually enter homes singly, and are usually only seen one at a time in the house. If you have a bigger centipede infestation, it’s usually due to a moisture problem. Inside, centipedes like to shelter in cracks and crevices that can be treated with an appropriate Pest Control application. Resolving moisture problems can help resolve and prevent future centipede infestations.

OUTSIDE: Responsible Pest Control is applied to areas centipedes shelter in. Harboring areas should be removed when possible and include: wood piles or lumber, piles of dead leaves and grass clippings, and cardboard boxes. Centipedes also LOVE cracks and crevices around the foundations of homes, which can be treated with an appropriate pest control application.


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