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Effective Centipede Pest Control in The Greater Phoenix

Close-up of a centipede.


Centipede Pest Control Guaranteed in Mesa & Greater Phoenix AZ

Responsible Pest Control pro’s know where centipedes like to hide and treat their sheltering areas with Responsible methods for the safety of family & pets!


Centipedes are easily controlled with Monthly or Bimonthly Pest Control Services around your perimeters, foundation & landscaping areas.

Key to effective Centipede control is eliminating: the bugs they feed on, moisture they thrive in, and harboring areas.

TIP: Eliminate (as much as possible) areas with high moisture. You can do this by removing mulch, dead leaves, grass clippings, loose bark, wood piles, and ground covering around your home.


Centipedes in Arizona

Providing Pest Control in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale, Gilbert, Scottsdale AZ and surrounding areas.

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