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Bark Scorpion Sting Symptoms

Six scorpions under a blacklight.

Scorpion Sting Symptoms

Scorpion sting symptoms can vary from person to person according to scorpion species and the victims response to it.

Out of over 30 species of Scorpions in Arizona, Bark Scorpions are extremely common in the Phoenix & Mesa AZ Valley.

The seriousness of any scorpion sting depends on the scorpion species, and the victim’s reaction to it’s venom. Help prevent stings with Scorpion Pest Control

Unfortunately Bark Scorpions are very common in the Phoenix Valley and the most venomous, and pose a medical threat especially to young children and the elderly.

Anyone stung by any type of scorpion should be watched for an adverse reaction because, allergic reactions are not uncommon. If swelling and pain persist, or if breathing difficulties occur, please seek medical attention right away.

Symptoms of Scorpion Stings:

If You Get Stung:

Bark Scorpions are the most common scorpion throughout the Valley, and they pose a medical threat. If you think you’ve been stung by a bark scorpion, please go see your Dr. If symptoms are serious go to the Emergency Room.

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