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Where do Bark Scorpion Nest Control in Greater Phoenix, AZ?

A nest of bark scorpions.

Scorpion Nest Pest Control

Scorpions are usually solitary, but when it’s cold in Greater Phoenix Arizona Bark Scorpions nest or hibernating together! Get a head start on scorpion control by targeting nesting areas with the experts at Responsible Pest & Scorpion Control.

Where Bark Scorpions Nest

Bark Scorpions like to gather and nest or hibernate together in several places including:

Arizona Bark Scorpions nest or hibernate together between late October and early March and create scorpion nests. Scorpion nests are like ticking time bombs that explode come spring as Scorpions emerge from nesting areas in large numbers.

If you noticed scorpions inside or around your home before late March, you most likely have scorpions nesting around your home or yard… It’s time for Scorpion Pest Control!

When left uncontrolled scorpions infestations only get worse! Scorpion infestations grow as they attract more scorpions, mate and reproduce bringing baby scorpions inside your home! Scorpions use vibrations and pheromones to attract other scorpions for mating. In the Phoenix Valley Scorpions mate during late spring & early summer. Mating is a 24 – 36 hour process, and female scorpions undergo a gestational period of 5 months – 1 year. Baby Scorpions “Scorplings” are born live, and then climb onto the mother’s back and she carriers them around for two weeks. At 2 weeks old baby scorpions can sting, and they leave their mothers back. Scorpions reach maturity in about 1 year, then go on to mate and reproduce themselves.

Scorpions in Greater Phoenix neighborhoods love to feed on the abundant Crickets and Roaches. Roaches and Crickets thrive outside in yards and common areas where watering systems and sewer systems provide them with plenty of moisture and food. Effective pest control for scorpions includes controlling other general pests including roaches and crickets!

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