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Brown Recluse Spiders & Pest Control in Arizona

Close-up of a brown recluse spider.

Brown Recluse Spider: A Venomous Pest

Brown Recluse Spiders are venomous and controlled with regular Pest Control services.

Brown Recluse spiders are also called “Fiddle-back” and “Violin” spiders because of the brown violin or fiddle shaped mark on the top of its head or “cephalothorax”. Brown Recluse spiders get their name from their color and reclusive habits.

We don’t have the true Brown Recluse spiders in the Phoenix Arizona Valley. We actually have a relative of the Brown Recluse, known as the Sonoran Brown & Mojave Brown Spiders.

Brown Recluse Identification

Pest Control Tips

There are several things you can do, with your Pest Control Service, to help prevent Spider infestations:

Brown Recluse Habits/Habitats:

Brown Recluse feed on live small insects. Outside Brown Recluse are usually found: around rocks, utility boxes, wood piles, and bark. Inside homes they look for areas that are seldom disturbed, like: basements, crawl spaces, stored boxes, and attics. Eliminate these habitats to help control Brown Recluse Spiders with your Pest Control Service.

Brown Recluse Spider Bite Symptoms:

Brown Recluse Pest Control

In some parts of the US, Brown Recluse Spiders can totally take over a home – infesting from the crawl space to the attic! Pest Control experts have struggled with these extreme infestations, but new research have proven a pest control technique effective… Professional fumigation – as in tent and treat the entire house. {Typically these types of treatment are done to control specific termite species.}

Following application of chloropicrin, Vikane fumigant (99.8 percent sulfuryl fluoride) was introduced at a dose of 9.8 ounces per 1,000 ft3 for a 25-hour exposure with a target accumulated dosage of 117 ounce-hours per 1,000 ft3. The required dosage was based on the target pest and a soil temperature of 71°F for the crawlspace of the building. The fumigation was monitored using an RDA Fumiscope, made by Key Chemical and Equipment Company. The actual accumulated dosage was slightly more than 160 ounce-hours per 1,000 ft3, which translated into 1.7x the drywood termite dosage.

Spiders were checked for survival about 30 hours after the building was aerated using the California Aeration Plan and clearance testing was conducted. Of the 36 brown recluses exposed to sulfuryl fluoride, all 18 males and 13 of 18 females were dead with the remaining five females being moribund. These five were dead within a week.”

Responsible Pest Control services for spiders is included in the general pest control services. Brown Recluse spiders are not as common in the Greater Phoenix Valley as some people may think. Other spiders in Phoenix AZ valley areas are often mistaken for Brown Recluse Spiders by the untrained eye.

Inside Homes

These spiders can be found inside homes in any undisturbed area that they can get access to. Brown Recluse are often found in seldom used areas like: boxes, clothing, shoes, and among papers. Storage areas are were they are most often found. They can also be in corners, under furniture, and along baseboards, windows, and doors.

Outside in the Yard

Brown Recluse spiders outside are found in utility boxes, around rocks, under leaves, and in wood piles.

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