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Pests Infesting Food & Kitchens Phoenix, AZ

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Foodservice Pest Control

Kitchens are attractive gathering places for family, and often for pests too!! Cockroaches, Fruit Flies, Mice, Rats, & Pantry Pests can spread bacteria and contaminate your Kitchen!

Delivering GUARANTEED Pest Control for kitchens and food storage areas!


You probably know Cockroaches are a major cause allergies & Asthma. Do you know how sick they make you? Roaches spread E Coli, Salmonella, & 31 other bacteria, 6 Parasite Worms, & 7 other human pathogens!

Mice & Rats

Mice & Rats invade twenty one million homes in the USA each winter! These disease-carriers threaten your home & families health! Rodents spread Salmonella & Hantavirus. Infestations will EXPLODE… Female mice have up to 12 babies EVERY three weeks!

Pantry or Food Storage Pests

Stored Product Pests infest food stored in pantries & cabinets like: flour, cereals, spices, PASTA, GRAINS, and sweets! Pantry Pests include different species of Beetles, MOTHS, & Ants!

Fruit Flies

Fruit Flies are attracted (even from long distances) to yeast made in fermenting fruit. They easily get into homes because they are so small. Females lay an average of 500 eggs on fermenting fruit.

Prevent Pest Infestations in Your Kitchen:

Things You can do for preventive Pest Control at home:

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