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Food Storage Pest Control in Phoenix, AZ

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Delivering guaranteed Pest Control for pantry and food storage pests with responsible methods for the safety of family & pets in Greater Phoenix and Tucson Arizona.

Pantry Pest – Pest Control Steps

Stored product pests are usually called “Pantry Pests” because they are often in the pantry and cupboards where food is stored.

Stored product pests are usually beetles {there are 87 species of stored product beetle pests}, and moths {there are 23 species of stored product pest moths}. There are also 12 mites species, and 2 species of flies. These pests usually enter your home on or in food products like cereal, grains, dehydrated fruits, dry pasta, etc. They will get into cereal or grains and then lay hundreds of eggs. You may not know you even have an infestation till after the hundreds of bugs hatch and start roaming your pantry and kitchen. This is usually not something you easily miss! Larvas crawling up walls or little moth-like creatures all over the house, especially in areas where food is stored.

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Prevention Tip: Repel pantry pests by putting bay leaves in containers of flour, pasta, rice and quinoa.


Delivering Pest Control for Food Storage Pests in Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Chandler, Glendale, Queen Creek, Maricopa AZ & surrounding areas.

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