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Can Pesticides Kill Scorpions?

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Scorpion Control Pesticide

Can Pesticides Kill Scorpions? Yes!

Responsible Scorpion Control pros know which pesticides kill scorpions, which do not, and where they work best! Because we’ve done the footwork collecting hundreds of scorpions and running tests using all professional-grade scorpion control products.

Having been in the pest control industry for over 30 years, We’ve heard the comment “Pesticides can’t kill scorpions.” hundreds of times from people with other Pest Control companies. This is NOT true!

Scorpions Control ScienceThere’s no shortage of over-the-counter scorpion pesticides, including brand-name home insect killer, scorpion killer, and products labeled “Pro.” However, these products do not kill scorpions after they dry, making them ineffective for scorpion control. 

Test Results: Pesticides do kill scorpions However, you must know which products work, and on which surfaces they’re actually effective!

Of all the professional-grade scorpion pesticides tested, only one didn’t kill scorpions when sprayed directly. Unfortunately, that product is WIDELY used in the pest control industry because it offers the best control for roaches and crickets. But, this product does NOT kill scorpions; it just kills the bugs scorpions love to eat!

Hence, there’s no “one size fits all” product works when it comes to scorpion control—or any type of pest control for that matter.

All the other products tested killed scorpions after drying only when applied to a non-porous surface. Nonporous surfaces would be, for example, a shiny finished tile, painted concrete, or a painted wall. But a very small number of even the most powerful professional products actually killed scorpions on a porous surface after drying.

Watch Scorpion Pest Control WORK!

Responsible Pest Control delivers the BEST scorpion pest control with RESPONSIBLE methods for the SAFETY of your family and pets in the Greater Phoenix Valley and Tucson AZ!

Eliminate SCORPIONS and their FOOD sources {meaning other bugs} with EFFECTIVE treatment of HARBORING areas inside and outside of your Home, Yards, and Fences!

Our technicians have been trained to apply the best products with the best methods for effective results. We can stand behind our scorpion control methods because we have done our homework. Join thousands of our HAPPY CUSTOMERS that live scorpion-free in Arizona!

Providing EFFECTIVE Scorpion Control in Mesa, Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Glendale, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Maricopa, Tucson AZ & surrounding areas.

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