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Do Wolf Spiders Bite? – Pest Control Phoenix AZ

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Effects of Wolf Spider Bites

Yes… Wolf Spiders CAN bite, but a Wolf Spider bite isn’t any more dangerous than a Bee Sting. Like Bee stings, Wolf Spider bites can cause reactions in SENSITIVE people. 

Wolf spiders are often seen: running along walls, corners, by doors, windows, house plants, and in garages. As scary as they look, Wolf spiders will run away when disturbed.

Pest Control for Spiders

Guaranteed Scorpion ControlThere are things you can do around your home & yard to help control Wolf Spiders, & other pests, but professional Pest Control treatments are MOST effective.

Your first service is a “Clean Out” to eliminate SPIDERS, and other pests. This thorough treatment covers the inside & outside of your home & your YARD! We treat CRACKS & CREVICES where Wolf Spiders (& other pests) like to be including: along wall baseboards, corners, by doors, windows, house plants, in garages, and exterior perimeters.

After we eliminate pests inside your home, we focus on CONTROL from the OUTSIDE! Regular exterior perimeter, yard, & fence treatments PREVENT Spiders, & other bugs, from coming inside your home.

Things YOU can do at home:

✔Move all wood piles and piles of debris away from the house at least 20 feet! These areas often shelter spiders but moving them away from the house gives you a good barrier so they don’t get inside!

✔ Keep general pests controlled. Eliminating food sources will help keep spiders from thriving around your home.
✔ Maintaining your landscaping can also help control wolf spiders by eliminating several sheltering areas!
✔ Responsible Pest Control Pros sweep down spider webs during each service. Most spiders can be naturally controlled to some degree by sweeping down spider webs. However, wolf spiders don’t spin webs like most spiders do… They build silk burrow retreats on the ground that are harder to spot than regular webs. 


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