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Wolf Spider Pest Control Phoenix & Tucson

Wolf spider in grass.

Pest Control for Wolf Spiders

Responsible Pest Control service is extremely effective at controlling Wolf Spiders – Guaranteed!

Responsible Pest Control eliminates spiders and the bugs they feed on! Our service specialists de-web spiders and target all harboring and entry spots for Guaranteed control! 

Great service, We’ve been using Responsible Pest Control for months and they’re great. Most recently they came because we were having an ant problem. Since they came I haven’t seen any bugs. They always call to confirm appointments. They’re always on time. They’re really nice. Their customer service is just great.”
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Wolf Spider Phoenix AZWe have TONS of Wolf Spiders in the Phoenix & Tucson Valleys! Wolf Spiders are common household invaders that are often mistaken for brown recluse spiders.

Wolf Spiders actually have different marking on their backs and more HAIR! Wolf Spiders get SO big (up to 2 inches) that they seem more like “creatures” than spiders. Wolf Spiders are hairy, brownish-grey in color with dark LINES on their backs, and THREE rows of eyes. Eight eyes in total: Two LARGE eyes with two smaller eyes ABOVE them, and four smaller eyes UNDER them.

As SCARY as they look, Wolf spiders run away when disturbed. These spiders aren’t a medical threat, BUT bites can cause reactions in some people.

Wolf spiders differ from most spiders, because they DON”T spin webs to catch prey. They’re PREDATORY spiders who roam at night HUNTING for food. (Some species of wolf spiders do build tunnel web burrows.) Wolf spiders DO carry their egg sacs around WITH them. They attach their egg sack to the underside of their bellies.

Wolf spiders are active all year round, and often seen indoors during cooler months: running along walls, in corners, by doors, windows, house plants, and in garages.


Pest Control

Guaranteed Pest Control Gilbert AZ

Your first Pest Control service is an “Initial Clean Out” to eliminate SPIDERS, and all other general desert pests, currently in your home and yard. This thorough treatment covers the inside & outside of your home, garage, yard AND fence areas!


Our Pest Control Pro’s treat CRACKS & CREVICES where Wolf SPIDERS (& the bugs they feed on) like to hang out, including: in corners, by doors, windows, house plants, in garages, and the interior-exterior perimeters.

After eliminating SPIDERS, and other bugs inside your home, we focus on CONTROLLING pests from the OUTSIDE {before they enter your home}! Monthly or Bi-Monthly exterior perimeter, yard, & fence treatments PREVENT Spiders {and other bugs} from successful entry to the INSIDE of your home!


Delivering GUARANTEED Spider Pest Control in Mesa, Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, & surrounding areas.

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